About Us

We are Colorado’s premiere wrap service provider, and have been offering professional and custom vinyl solutions for cars, trucks, boats, business vehicles, business storefronts, and personal projects for over 6 years.

Jake, the owner of Lucid Wrap first came in contact with vinyl wrap in his early teenage years when he saw his brother’s friend wrap a refrigerator in his garage. Curious and intrigued at the same time, he immediately knew that would be the career path to pursue, and he did so passionately. Jake recognized early on that vinyl films are the future of auto customization, paint protection, and business branding so he set out to be a master of his craft.

Fast forward to today and Lucid Wrap has worked on over 1500 different projects, cars, trucks, and local businesses. We are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients on the versatility of vinyl, as well as chniques that deliver the highest quality installs. Clients can rest assure that their ehicles will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism when we are working on them.

What’s your vision that we can make into a reality?